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I know that when I intend to buy something or subscribe to a service I try to find out about either the product or service or both.

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About Me

This website/blog is the property of C J Giel

I believe in transparency so the information on this page is factual and verifiable by doing searches on the internet.


For the past forty plus years I have been known as John Giel so a search for C J Giel is unlikely to yield much information

Having said that, a lot depends on when you read the information on this page. It is more likely that a search for John Giel will bring fruit, but there are many John Giel’s in the world. I am the one, at the time of writing, living in Scotland with my wife Dawn


My involvement with the internet dates back several years, starting around about 1997 – 1998

At that time my main interest was horse racing as a horse racing tipster when I developed or more accurately had developed for me, software to help in analysing horse races with the intention of being able to predict future winners. I was quite good at it and for a few years I earned some income from it.

The income I earned was firstly from a tipping line then subsequently from a website called tipsfest.com

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I registered tipsfest.com in 2005 and for a couple of years it grew in popularity but like so many small businesses, time running the website placed too high a burden and affected my income from my main business. I chose to wind down my horse tipping activities but by this time I had grown to enjoy the income from tipsfest. I started to create small blog based websites monetized with Google Adsense.

The income from these small blogs was not brilliant but they took very little time to manage and I started to dream of a larger involvement in marketing on the internet.

I knew that it would not be easy to do but I wanted to acquire a domain name that was short and catchy and easy to remember.

After several months a domain came on the market that fitted the bill perfectly. Hedko.com


Hedko.com was registered by me in 2008 and at the time I was very confident that my future was going to be that of an Internet Marketer.

At the time that I registered Hedko.com I was not completely sure as to just how or what I was going to do but I was driven to do something, I just did not know what!

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I forged a business relationship with the husband of one of my clients, in order to develop what was intended to be my flagship website, providing an appointments diary tied to a filofax based data manipulation facility for managing every aspect of ones personal and business life. It was an ambitious project which in the end turned out to be too ambitious for my business partner. Bilal is an excellent coder and in the early days of development his work was superb. I used the appointments diary part of the project for several years but the data management proved to be too time consuming and as Bilal had a young family to look after we decided to call a halt to the project.

However I decided to soldier on with the intention of creating a business that could improve the lives of people through the provision of information.

Part of what we do is to curate videos. The following explanation is provided by Quora.com. Video curation refers to the art of finding the best videos on a topic, compiling them, and sharing your findings with others. A video curator spends hours finding the best of the best from the plethora of videos out there and shares it with his/her audience.

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A major source of content is Youtube

A major source of content is Youtube. At the time of writing Youtube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google, who at the time of writing owns Youtube.

Then we buy lots and lots of tutorials

Some time back I started buying licensing rights to many tutorial videos. I realised that with the growth of sites such as Udemy, that online learning was big business and was only going to get bigger.

I came across Udemy a few years ago when I was wanting to learn about Bitcoin and the idea of having a website that provided training courses on a wide range of subjects appealed to me.

After a bit of research and lots of hard work learning as much as I could about wordpress, plugins, page builders, themes etc I decided I would make my own online learning website and thus HedkoOnline Courses came about.


Much of what is on Hedko is free to view. Basically, if we curate content from Youtube it is content that could be viewed on Youtube therefor we do not charge our members when they view Youtube content on our website.

However, a lot of our courses cost quite a lot to acquire so there is a charge to view this content. Our Premium Member Level is currently $14.95 per month.

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There is no limit to how many courses a member can view in any given month and the quantity of courses to view will increase monthly.

Once you become a member hopefully you will remain a member and make suggestions as to what new courses you would like to see us acquire.

Any member wishing to buy our courses outright can purchase individual courses from tipsfest.